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Noobran Sanat Iran Co

Noobran Sanat Iran Co. has been proud to design and manufacture a variety of panels and washes for the elevator chair equipped with manufacturing technology in specialized workshops which, in addition to meeting the requirements of its production line, has been commissioned to meet the needs of other manufacturers of panels and washer. Is .

In addition to the attractiveness and beauty of other products of the company:

Control system (access control) Access to the elevator The system of ten special outputs inside the cabin allows for the restriction of up to ten floors individually (non-contact and in the form of cards) Single-output system for floors (non-contact) as a spy. Possible to install the phone behind the hatch. Hinges for the inside of the cabin. Possible installation of the iPhone. COMMAX wall-mounted phone. Built-in butter with two wire connections. Providing panels. Cayenne inlay. Hinged and swivel. Easy to install.

You do not have to buy expensive. We are obliged to make cheap